YC&E Team

Suzanne Shaw's picture Suzanne Shaw
Executive Director, Yale Conferences & Events

As the Executive Director of Yale Conferences & Events, Suzanne is responsible for the strategic execution of programs, services, and fiscal management.

Kathryn Vieillard's picture Kathryn Vieillard
Deputy Director, Strategy, Sales & Program Development; Director, Greenberg Conference Center

As Associate Director of Yale Conferences and Events, Kate is responsible for developing and directing programs and projects that will cultivate and enhance summer operations and programming.

Linda Peterson's picture Linda Peterson
Associate Director for Finance & Administration

As Associate Director of Business Operations, Linda is part of the leadership team and provides direction to all team members for the department’s overall financial accounting and budgeting process

Nathan Lubich's picture Nathan Lubich
Assistant Director of Operations

As Assistant Director for Operations, Nathan directs the successful deliver of program services, advancement of technology applications and projects that strategically support Yale Conference &

Shannon LeGault's picture Shannon LeGault
Senior Program Director

As a Program Director, Shannon is responsible for managing multiple programs from the initial inquiry and budget creation through the on-site coordination of housing, classrooms and activities. 

Jennifer Zuccaro's picture Jennifer Zuccaro
Senior Program Director

As Program Director, Jen is responsible for developing new business and fortifying existing client relationships.

Tara Schule's picture Tara Schule
Program Director

As Program Director, Tara is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction by keeping YC&E programs professionally maintained and executed.

David Wright's picture David Wright
Residential Operations Manager

As Residential Operations Manager, David coordinates housing operations and manages most of our summer staff.

Emily Borders's picture Emily Borders
Program Director

Emily brings a hospitality and event centered background to Yale Conferences and Events.

Megan Palluzzi's picture Megan Palluzzi
Program Manager

As a Program Manager, Megan is responsible for supporting a wide range of department programs, conferences, events and projects.

Kelly Vailette's picture Kelly Vailette
Program Assistant

As a Program Assistant, Kelly is responsible for supporting a wide range of department programs, conferences, events, and projects.

Molly Clark's picture Molly Clark
Accounting Manager

As Accounting Manager, Molly is responsible for completing daily financial transactions that occur in the department as well as helping the Program Directors with their final client billing.  Molly

Pedro Tello's picture Pedro Tello
Conference Dining & Special Events Manager

Pedro Tello, Conference Dining & Special Events Manager, is responsible for coordination between Yale Conferences & Events and Yale Hospitality to organize all logistical and operational as

Justin Thornton's picture Justin Thornton
Housing Operations & Technology Manager

Justin is responsible for housing our summer clients, assisting with summer operations and managing technology.

Cheralyn Gargano's picture Cheralyn Gargano
Senior Administrative Assistant

As Senior Administrative Assistant, Cherie is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the administrative office activities of YC&E.  Cherie handles communications with external clients, ven