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Our thoughts are with those who have been severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Yale Conferences & Events is working closely with various Yale departments and community partners to navigate the unprecedented challenges we are facing together. We remain confident in our community’s ability to persevere in the face of this public health crisis. Please continue to take personal precautions and be kind to one another. We are in this together! Up-to-date information on Yale’s response and planning can be found here:

Interested in Hosting a Virtual Meeting or Event at Yale?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged meeting and event organizers to find innovative new ways to bring people together safely during this period of quarantine and social distancing. Many organizers are pivoting to virtual events instead of cancelling or postponing them. Virtual events are essential during this time and we are here to help. Here are some useful tips and strategies for transitioning to virtual events at Yale. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team!

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Yale Conference and Events Venues



Yale’s expansive campus comprises over 200 buildings across more than 20 city blocks of downtown New Haven. Yale Conferences & Events knows every square inch of Yale’s campus, so whether you need a meeting space with seating for two or for 2,500, we have you covered. Most of our event spaces are near our housing and dining areas. Many of our facilities have been recently renovated, yet all share Yale’s characteristic charm.



Yale Conference and Events Summer Programs

Summer Programs


Gone are the days of a quiet and sleepy summer campus at Yale! In 2018, Yale hosted nearly 11,000 visitors on campus over a ten-week period. We welcomed guests ranging from 13 years of age and beyond. People come here to continue learning, test drive our campus, or find inspiration from alumni who walked the same steps they are now walking. We are excited to continue to open our doors to the world, so everyone can experience Yale.

Yale Legacy

Yale Legacy

Yale has housed “a company of scholars and a society of friends” for over 250 years. It's also home to one of the world’s largest research libraries, comprehensive global art collections, and over one million square feet of laboratory research space.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

While you focus on developing your vision, our dedicated full-time planning team works behind the scenes to register participants, reserve venues, arrange travel, and manage services with other resource providers at Yale, in New Haven, and beyond.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Our department is certified by the Association of Collegiate Conferences and Events Directors – International (ACCED-I), meaning we uphold the highest standards of efficient and effective event planning.