Renzulli Discovery Programs

At Renzulli Discovery Programs, we empower middle school students (ages 12-14) to become the world’s next generation of problem solvers and leaders by developing gifted & talented potential through innovative learning. Our program’s creator, Dr. Joseph Renzulli, is a leading expert in the field of gifted & talented education, and designed the program with a focus on building advanced learning skills and promoting student’s passion for learning with high levels of engagement. Using a project-based approach, work hands-on in an interest based strength area that combines your intellect and interests. Prior to the summer, you’ll take an ‘Interest-Alyzer’ assessment to identify areas of talent and your learning style. Together with your interests, this assessment determines which enrichment cluster is the best fit for you. Our innovative enrichment cluster curriculum inspires independent thinking, creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, time management, and life skills. Join us on campus at Yale, Georgetown, or UCLA this summer! Our mission is to provide the highest quality experiential learning programs in a global environment. With our 51 years’ experience and exceptional customer care, we prepare our students for a successful transition into high school and college.