Online Registration

Your online registration form is a crucial aspect of your attendees’ event experience. A good form can increase registrations by 20% or more. A bad form can be frustrating and may deter attendance.  Our customized forms are straightforward, quick, and comprehensive, ensuring ease of use both for organizers and their guests.

Service features: 

  • Process credit card payments
  • Unlimited custom questions and registration types
  • Fully customized pages, including headers, footers, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and text
  • Group registrations and discounts
  • Selections for activities, breakout sessions, and agenda items
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Conditional logic – simple if/then statements 
  • Promote event via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Customized name badges
  • On-site registration support
  • Collection of abstracts
  • Allow participants to apply for programs online

We can also provide logistical information to attendees, including but not limited to: travel and directions, hotel information, and links on the registration form. Online Registration will be set up for you by one of our experienced Program Directors using CVENT software. In addition to all of the features of CVENT above, YC&E will also create your conference name badges and provide 2 hours of on-site staffing so you can focus on your event without distraction.

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