Event Resources

Resource Guide – Containing essential information about our summer programming, the Resource Guide will provide an overview of our services. It will help significantly in the planning, organizing and implementation of your program, event, or conference.

Visitors Guide – Containing exclusive information pertaining to Yale, and the historic city of New Haven; local ‘hot-spots’, enchanting historic sites, exciting nightlife, and striking art galleries. Our Visitors Guide position you in the swell of the local culture, allowing you to grasp the pulse of the city, and profoundly compliment the truly unique experience that you create at Yale.

Online Registrations (CVENT) – Registration platform for clients and attendees, designed to simplify the managing, booking and organization of your event or conference. We create a customized registration form, and provide you with a unique link to a website that we build. This link can then be emailed to participants to provide them with information, posted on your departmental/organizational website, and/or utilized to publicize and promote your event. Additionally, your website can be used to process billing, and manage all facets of your event or conference, virtually.

Registrants may contact YC&E for more information regarding registration process.

CrowdCompass – Our EventApp is a medium through which attendees can stay up-to-date with the on-goings of your event or conference. The app utilizes an Activity Feed providing news and alerts to users, Beacons to attract attendees to events that they’re near to, Interactive Maps so they can navigate their way to your event, and is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so they can connect with each other, all in one place. Additionally, the app allows the user to create a personalized schedule, so they can choose which events they want to attend or are interested in, and you can follow those trends to attract more attendees.

We manage and build your app for you, so that you can focus on the content of your event or conference, without the added stress of promotion and tracking. We can work with you to highlight content that you want streamlined to users, and we can assist in building the schedule to ensure the most attendees for particular events. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Checklist for Event Planners

Yale Conferences & Events is in the business of bringing people together and creating memorable experiences. Our goal is to make events successful for the client, and perhaps transformative experiences for everyone in attendance. 
Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of events, where we sat in uncomfortable chairs for hours while straining to see presentations, to events where we account for all accessibility needs, and more.
It is critical that we ensure that all our events are inclusive on every level, intentionally, and by design. As planners and hosts, it is our responsibility to ensure that every attendee feels welcome and has equal access to everything the event has to offer. By optimizing an individual’s experience based on their specific needs, we create an environment where we all belong.
Please consider this DEI Checklist for Event Planners, created by our YC&E team, when planning your next meeting or event.