Thank you for the outstanding work of the Yale Conferences & Events group. We had a wonderful time and could not imagine pulling off our meeting without the guidance of your staff. Simply put, they exceeded all our expectations and could not have been more patient or harder working on the (many) requests we made of them over the past few months. They are an amazing team! 

                                                                                                                                                                          - Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine 

I do not even know how to BEGIN to thank your staff for all the incredible work put in over the past few months and particularly over the past few days. I am completely in awe of how on top of things you manage to be and how EASY you make things for me and my staff. Speaking of my staff, they all LOVE working with everyone at YC&E. I heard nothing but incredibly positive things over the past few days about their interactions with your staff members at events. I honestly don’t know how we could possibly do it without you. Your team really did an amazing job of pulling off an incredibly successful event. 

 - Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale University 

The YC&E team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were very responsive throughout the entire planning process, kept our team updated on changes, and were very accommodating to all our needs. Notably, when they received very short notice that our venue would no longer be available for the program, they immediately researched and visited various locations, took pictures for us, drew seating plans, and really understood our desire to have a location that fit the prestige of this program. Our partners had nothing but praise for the Conferences and Events team. We know the program would not have been as successful as it was without their invaluable contributions.  


Program Administrator, Yale Global Health Leadership Initiative 

The Yale Conferences & Events team did a great job with the Kerry Conference—which was quite a logistical challenge. Thank you and the whole YC&E group for your great contribution to making this one of the most memorable events at Yale in a long time. 


- Vice President for Global Stretegy, Yale University

Thanks to your team, our symposium was a huge success. How you can extract 150 people from lunch and back into the auditorium in 5 minutes is a mystery to me – but very much appreciated. Our program of events would never get off the ground without your enthusiastic advice, help, and support. We should really make you an honorary member of IPCH!  

Interim Director, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage 

Thank you for all your efforts with the President's Council on International Activities.  This meeting was a big success – in large part because of your hard work.  I also appreciate everyone’s flexibility and get-it-done spirit.   


Associate Vice President for Global Strategy, Yale Office of International Affairs 

On behalf of my team, I would like to sincerely thank YC&E for leading the logistical details of our program with such professionalism and grace. We appreciated how all of you delivered programs the “Yale Way” as a seamless extension of our team. The clients were pleased, and our team enjoyed working with you and looking at our processes through a different lens. Thank you again for sharing your talents with our team! 


Director of Program Operations, Executive Programs, Yale School of Management 

Thank you so much for the extraordinary work each and every one of you did to manage the planning and execution of our conference with such aplomb. Your work made it possible for the speakers, artists, and audience members to have an incredible, indelible experience. Without your work behind the scenes, this program would not have been possible, and without the high quality of your work, we would not have achieved this level of excellence.  


- Associate Dean, Yale College

After having an opportunity to reflect this past weekend about what we all pulled off, I am “over the top” in appreciation for all that you have done. The accolades that we received were a direct response to how smoothly, organized and well planned our event was. I cannot thank the staff of Conference & Events enough for their involvement. They were there at every turn and twist, which allowed me to be at ease and concentrate on other parts of the conference. I am also grateful for your participation as well. Your team is “top notch,” and I am forever grateful for your involvement. 



Director, Yale Housing & Fleet Management 

The YC&E team has been an invaluable partner on many of my virtual events in the past year. They are highly professional, detail oriented, and well organized. Best of all, they are always cheerful, even in the face of unexpected difficulties. They take care of everything technical so that I can focus my energy on hosting a great event. 


- Associate Director for Leadership Programs, Yale Office of International Affairs 

YC&E takes the worry out of event planning by handling every detail with the utmost professionalism. We have peace of mind knowing that our complex virtual events are being managed by their knowledgeable team. Their attention to detail and industry know-how are unmatched. 

- Deputy Director, Yale Institute for Global Health

My team was connected with Conferences & Events just a few short weeks prior to the inaugural symposium. The YC&E team truly made the event possible! They went above and beyond to accommodate us in the short time frame, taking their time to explain different options we had, and to explain in granular detail what was to be expected. They hosted run-throughs for our speakers, which brought comfort to the organizers and speakers alike.  Had we not been connected with such a well-organized team, our symposium would not have been so flawless!  They are all an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to being able to work with them in the future. We hope that other institutions have teams half as great as them!  

- Postdoctoral Association, Yale School of Medicine 

Thank you (to the YC&E team) for your collaboration and expertise over the last several months. I went into our event with the confidence that your team had the Zoom stuff under control and was able to enjoy the full evening.  

- Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, Yale Divinity School

Thank you so much for all your help in coordinating and supporting our Commencement ceremony. Arriving at Old Campus and seeing how much help and support there was was an incredible feeling. I truly appreciate how incredibly finely tuned these events are – and having you ask the right questions and making sure all the ‘I’s were dotted was such a big help and reassurance going into the home stretch. 


- Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Many, many thanks for the outstanding contribution YC&E staff made to this year’s Commencement ceremonies. I am grateful for the professionalism, positive approach, and competency every staff member, no matter what their assigned job, brought to the weekend. You have created an outstanding team. They were skilled and valued partners, and we quite literally could not have done it without them!  

- Director of Communications and University Events, Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life