October News from ISSOS


October News from ISSOS

21 October 2016

October 21, 2016

The best summer school staff are ISSOS staff

Date: October 21, 2016


Author: October News at ISSOS

“We don’t train our people to be nice, we just employ nice people”

ISSOS Staff are simply the best people in the world, they give up their summer to teach, inspire and safeguard students from all over the world. Every year students ask how we find such fantastic teachers and counselors to join the ISSOS family and the honest answer is its simple - we employ good people who love what they do and understand what ISSOS is all about.

Every summer our staff make a staff lip sync video, we think it shows the amount of laughter and fun that exists on every ISSOS campus and we wanted to share them with you. Click on the photo below to watch each staff lip Sync.

Yale Staff Lip Sync                                     St Andrews Staff Lip Sync             Cambridge Staff Lip Sync

October News

Our October New letter has just been sent out to all alumni and friends.  As well as the above article here is some updates from ISSOS that are include in the Octover New Letter.

ISSOS Campuses voted Best in the World

ISSOS Locations best in world

The Times University rankings were revealed last week, naming all three ISSOS universities as some of the best in the world and their campuses as the most beautiful on offer. 

We have always chosen our campuses very carefully, making sure they give students exposure to a world class University, that they provide an inspirational, beautiful and above all safe environment for students and staff to spend the summer.

This summer we added Yale to our list of campuses and found a new home in the U.S and at Yale University, both students and staff who spent their summer at ISSOS at Yale loved the campus and the atmosphere of the unique Ivy League University.

New Arrival Amazing new addition to the ISSOS Family

Congratulations to Emma Horner our Admissions and Communications Director and her husband Jeff who welcomed their daughter, Ruby Charlotte Rose Horner in to the world on Sunday 17th October.

Emma will be off on maternity leave untill October next year, in the mean time Lisa Haswell has taken over as our Admissions Director. Many of you will have spoken to Lisa in the past and she is looking forward to speaking with parents of alumni and new students. We cant wait to have many visits from Ruby in ISSOS head office over the next year.

Academic Focus - Debate

                                   Debate at ISSOS

Debate is our most popular academic at ISSOS, offered in all three of our campuses and    taught by world champion debate coaches. Students learn the art of British Parliamentary Debate and are given the opportunity to debate in the chambers of St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale Universities home to the worlds No 1 university debate teams.

Debate inspires students to discover their voice and in an increasingly competitive world, many top Universities are looking to find applicants who have the confidence and ability to think critically and articulate their views, the Debating course at ISSOS helps them do this.

“Our son was challenged to join debating, he flourished.  We had not even thought about how it would give him so much more than a normal language course would have.  His confidence improved and he no longer fears doing presentations at school.”
Andari Tran, Parent (Lebanon)

To learn More about the ISSOS debate program watch our film by clicking on the photo above.

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