• Yale Conferences & Events

    Yale Conferences & Events is your one stop shop for planning and hosting programs, conferences, or events at Yale.

  • Single Point-of-Contact

    Each program, conference, and event is assigned a YC&E Program Director, giving planners access to all Yale has to offer through a single point-of-contact!

  • Classic Architecture, Modern Amenities

    Yale’s historic campus comprises over 200 immaculate buildings that provide over 500,000 square feet of meeting space. We offer an amazing variety of spaces, including lecture halls, seminar rooms, libraries, lounges, athletic spaces, private dining rooms and courtyards.

  • Over 40 Summer Programs on Campus

    Whether to hone a skill or share ideas, over 7,000 people from around the globe took advantage of Yale's vast campus resources this summer through YC&E.

  • Yale hosts EMERGE

    This July, Yale Conferences and Events partnered with college readiness program, EMERGE, to host over 100 first generation students from Houston public schools for a week-long conference.

    Click here for information about one of the EMERGE students!

  • Summer Programs for College Hopefuls

    Among the 40+ summer programs on campus were programs such as EMERGE geared toward preparing prospective students and freshmen-to-be for college.

Photo Gallery

Davenport College
Davenport College - Courtyard, Davenport College - Buttery , Davenport College - Basketball Court , Davenport College - Library, Davenport College - Library, Davenport College - Buttery
Photos of Davenport College
Pierson College - Courtyard
Pierson College - Library , Pierson College - Courtyard, Pierson College - Library, Pierson College - Rotunda Room, Pierson College - Rotunda Room, Pierson College - Gates
Photos of Pierson College