Yale Planetary Solutions Project Symposium

Event Type: 
Virtual Event
Event Description: 
The Planetary Solutions Symposium Project is a campus-wide initiative that is aimed to shed light on the environmental challenges threatening life on Earth. This program urges institutional leadership and academic experts across the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, professional schools, and the humanities to unite for this greater purpose. This conference was turned into a virtual zoom meeting expanding across three days.
Wednesday, December 2, 2020 to Friday, December 4, 2020
Office of the Provost
Point of Contact: 
Casey Pickett and Leslie Powell
YC&E Project Lead: 
Kelly Vailette and Emily Roback
Scope of Work: 

• Created, designed and managed online registration
• Weekly meetings with clients to share ideas on how to run the conference, provide insight on how the Zoom platform operates, suggestions for polling options,
• Run through prior with speakers

• Day of management – provided a run of show for each day detailing minute by minute what needed to happen on the backend for the conference to run smoothly.
o  Screen sharing
o Running speaker presentations
o Communication with speakers
o Set up and management of breakout rooms
o Managing the chat
o Welcoming people in from the waiting room
o Muting/unmuting
o Handling any technical questions
o Recording all sessions

• Worked with Yale Broadcast Media on editing and closed captioning of event
• Attendee communication
o Provided zoom link, calendar invites, and scope of work for the symposium
• Coordinated with ITS and OPAC on the symposium website and graphics