YC&E’s Guide to Surviving Summer

Summer Program Director Orientation

Thank you to those folks who made the trek on March 3rd to campus for our orientation. It was an information packed day and the overall response was that it was well worth the time. For the benefit of those who could not attend, we have posted a PowerPoint and other helpful pieces from the day: Summer Orientation Presentation.

Resource Guide

This guide is intended to help answer those questions that all groups have on campus. We will also be bringing a hard copy to our pre-arrival meetings with you on campus. Please make sure a copy is provided to your onsite staff.

Yale Mobile App

We invite you to download the Yale iPhone app today and stay connected to everything going on around campus with news, events, photos, videos and more.

Yale Dining

Fast Track

Exciting and new for this year is the Yale Dining App, where you can check the daily menu for your dining hall!

Download our Yale Dining App for iOS and Android!

New This Year – To Go Containers for Staff

We know that sometimes it’s not possible for your staff to sit down to a meal in the dining hall, so this year we are offering program staff members “to go” containers.   For $5 per container, you can gain access to this program.  Just pick-up and drop off your container in the dining hall.  To sign up, please tell your program director and make a notation on your participant list for those staff members who would like to participate.  

Dining Orientation:

We highly recommend that you build time into your schedule for a dining hall orientation.  Speak with your program director to schedule a time to learn about the nuances of the dining hall, the servery and busing your dishing at the end. 


This year Ramadan falls on May 26th- June 25th. We will again be offering special meal service. At sundown there will be a hot meal served in Ezra Stiles College along with a to go breakfast for the following morning. Below you will find the link that you can forward directly to your families for enrollment. Please note that if a student signs up for Ramadan the “swipes” are deducted from their meal cards.

Link: Ramadan Form

July 21st​ All Campus BBQ: You’re Invited!

During the summer, every Friday is BBQ night in the individual dining halls or courtyard (weather permitting). Last summer we threw the 1st Annual All Campus BBQ, and it was a great success.   Please come and join us for the 2nd Annual All Campus BBQ to be held on Cross Campus, Friday July 21st.  Yale Dining will cook up a delicious BBQ, and there will be games, music and fun activities for all! Please adhere to your normal dining times for the BBQ portion of the festivities.

Welcome Video

Here at Yale, we have a unique residential situation. When you come to live in the residential colleges, you are coming to live in an established community where your students are living amongst some of our faculty and staff. We have created this video to help to convey to you and your participants the unique environment you are entering, and to take care of the relationships and the facilities as any guest would in somebody’s home.

Welcome to Yale

Please show this video during your orientation, and should you like a member of our staff to attend your orientation and help to bring this message home, let us know and we will do our best to honor your request.

Yale Health Instructions

Most of you opted out of the Yale Health option, but attached is a process for how you can engage Yale Health on an individual basis.

If you are still looking for a camp doctor, here is a contact:

Mark Cicero


(203) 688-7970

20 York St, New Haven, CT 06504       

Field A

We have secured an athletic field for use during the summer. If you have a rec time or any other kind of sports related activity that falls in the hours of 3- 9 PM you are strongly encouraged to bring your students to Field A for this purpose. The courtyards of the colleges are not appropriate for sports activities. Please contact your program director by May 31st if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Connecticut Science Center

Did you know?  Youth Groups receive special pricing at the Connecticut Science Center!  Enjoy a full day of hands-on FUN with more than 165 interactive exhibits, stunning 3D movies, and NEW programs, stage shows, exhibits, and events we’ve created just for you. We are now accepting reservations for spring and summer Youth Group trips! Book now.

Thimble Island Tours

Take a break from New Haven’s bustling cityscape and bring your students on a field trip to Horse Island, a rustic island off the coast of Branford, CT. Guided nature walks can be arranged for small groups, and last about an hour. These walks cover a variety of topics, including what the island was like before Yale’s purchase, what has changed since Yale’s acquisition, and why the Thimble Islands have unique flora that are distinctively different from the mainland. Additionally, groups will have the chance to explore the island’s newly built trails, stopping at the island’s northern and southern tips, Maya’s cove, and various tidal pools. For more information contact Kate Vieillard at kathryn.vieillard@yale.edu.

Pre-Arrival Documents

If you have not yet finalized your schedules with YC&E, we need you to do so four weeks prior to your arrival. We will distribute a pre-arrival document for your confirmation so that our staff and the greater university can best meet all of your needs. This is a final confirmation of check-in and check-out dates and times as well as classroom schedules, dining information, and any special event request that need our attention.

At this time, if you have not already received your participation list it will be provided. We require all participation lists to be returned to us 14 days before your arrival. A fine will be incurred for each day it is late.

Police Info Sessions

Yale Police & Security require you to have an information session that works with your students to help them have a safe stay while on the Yale campus. Please let your program director know the date and time you would like your information session.

Pre-Arrival Meetings

Your Program Director will meet with you prior to your participant arrivals to review all of the details of your program. At that time, they will review your contract, exhibit B, incident report process, and your pre-arrival document as well as introduce you to the staff assigned to your college, set up dining hall orientations, and gather any last-minute adjustments that need to be communicated. Your program director will also set up additional meetings with you for while you are on campus as needed.

Thank you for your time and attention to the details from above.

See you soon!