Yale College Student Belongings

Frequently Asked Questions for Spring 2021 Semester

Living on campus and need to retrieve belongings

If your items are in storage, they will be moved to the room that was assigned to you just before Thanksgiving. If you have moved rooms, or relinquished housing since then, we will do our best to move your belongings to your newly assigned room or bring items back to storage. You will not have access to them until March 1st. If your items were brought back to storage, please contact Meyer at yalepickup@williambmeyer.com for assistance.

If your items were left in your Fall 2020 room, they will still be there if you are returning to reside in that same room. If you are moving from one campus room to another, your belongings will have been moved to your new campus room, provided that room assignment was made prior to Thanksgiving. All subsequent room changes will be moved if time permits. If you decide to move off campus, you will not have access to your on-campus belongings until March 1st, when the initial period of the arrival quarantine ends. If your items are still on campus, please contact your residential college Operations Manager to arrange for access after March 1st. 

Note: Housing relinquishment must be done through the student portal, not through Yale Conferences & Events.

Not living on campus and need to retrieve belongings

If your items are in storage, you may:

  • Schedule a warehouse pick-up (free of charge) by emailing Meyer at yalepickup@williambmeyer.com. Contactless pickup options are available. The warehouse is open 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.
  • Schedule local delivery of your belongings by emailing Meyer at yalepickup@williambmeyer.com. Meyer’s fee for local deliveries is $220 and you are responsible for this expense.
  • Request shipment of your belongings by emailing Meyer at yalepickup@williambmeyer.com. This will be at your own expense.
  • If your items are stored with DRM, please use your account to request shipment or a warehouse pickup. You would have received communications from DRM back in March with log-in information if your items were with DRM. You may access your account by logging in at app.dormroommovers.com/login with your Yale email address and complete the password reset process if you don’t know your password already.  The costs for this storage service and shipping associated with retrieving these items will be paid by Yale.

Be sure to include your full name, college, suite, and room assignment, along with your cell phone number.

If your items are on campus, you may:

  • Arrange curbside pick-up by contacting Yale Conferences & Events at conferencesandevents@yale.edu. Pick-up may occur prior to January 27th or after March 1st, after all on-campus students have moved in and completed the initial period of their arrival quarantine. 

After March 1st, your belongings will be moved by Meyer to storage. Starting mid-March, you may: 

  • Schedule a warehouse pick-up with Meyer (see above)
  • Schedule local delivery with Meyer (see above)
  • Request shipment of your belongings with Meyer (see above)

Other questions

If you received items belonging to your former suitemates, please reach out to them to coordinate the return of their items back to them.

If you received items that do not belong to you or your former suitematesplease use this form to submit an inquiry

If you are not returning in the spring of 2021 and do not need to retrieve items from storage, you may continue to store them at no cost to you until September 1, 2021.

For students who have received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine: Yale College requires you to get the second dose prior to returning to campus. Please alert Yale College if this applies to you and they will grant you a late stay.

Information on reporting damaged/missing items

If you need to report missing or damaged items, please use this form to submit an inquiry. We will do our best to resolve your issue. If we are not able to, here is the claims process you will follow.

Please note that if your claim is for missing cash, jewelry, or items valued over $500, the Yale Police Department will contact you to conduct an investigation. If this applies to you, you do not have to file a claim with Yale Police. YC&E with share your information with Yale Police and they will call you to review your claim and file a formal police report. Please do not contact Yale Police directly to file a police report regarding your claim. Yale Police will reach out to you first, so please be patient and wait for their call.

Please review the Yale College FAQs page for complete information on the Spring 2021 semester: https://yalecollege.yale.edu/policies-procedures/covid-19-faq.