Just What the Doctor Ordered


Just What the Doctor Ordered

16 September 2016

Suzanne Shaw
September 16, 2016

Best Practices for Assessing and Leveraging a Healthy Rate Structure:

Is your current pricing structure as healthy as it can be and in alignment with your institutional philosophy and departmental goals?   The goal of this interactive session is to focus and reflect on your current rate structure and also provide exposure to various peer structures. We will explore best practices for success.  

So whether you need an annual check-up or if you are just looking to tighten up your fiscal belt… this session is for you!
Learning Objectives:
- Learn about various assessments and benchmarking from peers to diversify your rate structure
- Explore advantages and pitfalls to various pricing structure options and trends (CMP packages, mark-up’s, etc..)
- Leave with a better understanding of prioritizing rate structure decisions within your departmental mission, vision and philosophy

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