Ardmore Language Schools

Ardmore Language Schools are experts in providing educational travel courses to junior students from all over the world. With over 25 years of experience they are dedicated to delivering the highest quality courses including language, cultural and specialist sports programs in their residential and Homestay centres across the UK and in the USA. The Ardmore team are enthusiastic and passionate about the courses they offer. Their aim is to improve our students English by increasing their confidence and communication skills. Their lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classrooms during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses.

The Ardmore team prides themselves in offering a personal, friendly and professional service and tailoring our programs to meet one’s exact course requirements.

Ardmore Language Schools are fully accredited by The British Council.

For more information about the Ardmore Language School Session at Yale please visit their website.