African Women as Pillars of Resilience – Webinar 2: Securing the Wellbeing of Women & Girls in the Age of COVID-19

Event Type: 
Virtual Event
Event Description: 
The African Women as Pillars of Resilience is a webinar speaker series that aims to expand the reach and impact of leadership networks in Africa, amplify the influence of women, and foster mentor relationships between generations. Webinar 2 in this series focuses on “Securing the Wellbeing of Women & Girls in the Age of COVID-19.” This webinar discusses the negative impacts of the coronavirus on two of the most vulnerable groups; women and girls in Africa.
Thursday, October 1, 2020
Yale International Leadership Programs, Yale Africa Initiative, Fundación Mujeres Por Africa, Banco Santander, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Greenberg Yale World Fellows Program
Point of Contact: 
Leslie Powell, Associate Director for Leadership Programs, Yale Office of International Affairs
YC&E Project Lead: 
Shannon LeGault
Scope of Work: 

• Create and share webinar link
• Handled registration of virtual attendees
• Obtain final list of speakers and interpreters
• Day of virtual event staffing
• Provide title slide
• Day of staffing:  Sharing slides, monitoring chat, Q&A, participants and speakers throughout event
• Record session