AEESP Conference, Environmental Engineering and Science

Event Type: 
Summer Academic Conference
Event Description: 
The Yale Department of Chemistry was preparing for an important visit from the National Science Foundation, an organization that was considering Yale for a grant. The department needed assistance for logistical planning in preparation for the event and onsite during the visit.
Saturday, June 13, 2015 to Thursday, June 16, 2016
Multiple spaces on campus including: WLH, Sterling Memorial Library, Woolsey Hall, and more
Yale University’s Environmental Engineering Program
Point of Contact: 
Dr. Jaehong Kim, Conference Chair and Professor and Chair of Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Science
YC&E Project Lead: 
Shannon LeGault and Megan Palluzzi
Scope of Work: 

·        Secured housing in Timothy Dwight Residential College, Baker Hall, and local hotels

·        Managed the identification and booking of space on campus

·        Organized online registration for participants, presenting them with buying tiers for different level of access for purchase

·        Arranged prox access for nearly 630 participants

·        Collected and organized sponsorship money

·        Arranged media services set up for classrooms and events throughout the program

·        Prepared name badges for participants

·        Arranged all conference meals in Commons and catered AM & PM breaks throughout

·        Organized a clambake dinner in Baker Hall Courtyard and receptions at the Peabody Museum and the Sterling Memorial Library Nave

·        Set up 5 campus tours for participants alongside their programming

·        Provided onsite support during a challenging three day long check-in and poster board session in Commons 

The conference typically has 400-450 people participating; however, in 2015 [the first time Yale hosted it] the record was broken by 630 participants. We have considered the 2015 conference to have been extremely successful and I credit Shannon LeGault and Megan Palluzzi because of their phenomenal planning. From the beginning, they assisted with the budget, booking space, to coordinating meals and handling registration. The conference would have not been possible without the help of YC&E!”

-Dr. Jaehong Kim, Conference Chair and Professor and Chair of Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Science