After two weeks of elite instruction, industry insights, and peer networking, teens will leave with a polished portfolio and the skills needed to succeed in school, college, and the limitless field of computer science.
The exclusive ISSOS summer school program offers high school students (aged 13-18) the opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in the historic and picturesque campus of Yale University. Our three-week program welcomes students from over 60 nationalities, and limits the number of students from one nationality to 10% in order to guarantee a truly international experience. Students choose from a variety of academic and elective subjects that are taught by highly qualified professionals and benefit from full activities, cultural trip and workshop program. In addition, students are well supervised by a team of summer school counselors who make sure students are safe and happy at all times as well as making sure the summer school is fun, full of laughter and that all students make friends from around the world.
JOYN program is designed by JOYN Global Culture, INC., and was founded by Stanford Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Sheng Chen. Joyn understands the importance of expanding one's horizons and developing a holistic sense of the world and of oneself. The goal of JOYN Program is to improve participants' English language skills, expose them to American cultures, expand their horizons, help them view the world through a wider lens, push them to ask questions, assert their opinion, and explore the unfamiliar. JOYN is a word in English script that sounds like footprint in Chinese. JOYN hopes all participants of the program will follow the footsteps of successful, self-made people they get in touch with in the program and encourage them to positively contribute to the world from all angles.
The National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) provides a select group of outstanding high school students with the opportunity to participate in fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions. Through the NSLC, students are able to experience life on a college campus; develop essential leadership skills; and explore a future career through exciting simulations, exclusive site visits and interactive meetings with renowned leaders in their chosen field.
Programs in International Educational Resources (PIER) of the MacMillan Center draws upon Yale University’s extensive resources to develop and implement programs, services, and resources designed to advance understanding of international and world regional issues through outreach to education, business, media, and the public.
At Renzulli Discovery Programs, we empower middle school students (ages 12-14) to become the world’s next generation of problem solvers and leaders by developing gifted & talented potential through innovative learning. Our program’s creator, Dr. Joseph Renzulli, is a leading expert in the field of gifted & talented education, and designed the program with a focus on building advanced learning skills and promoting student’s passion for learning with high levels of engagement. Using a project-based approach, work hands-on in an interest based strength area that combines your intellect and interests. Prior to the summer, you'll take an ‘Interest-Alyzer’ assessment to identify areas of talent and your learning style. Together with your interests, this assessment determines which enrichment cluster is the best fit for you. Our innovative enrichment cluster curriculum inspires independent thinking, creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, time management, and life skills. Join us on campus at Yale, Georgetown, UCLA this summer! Our mission is to provide the highest quality experiential learning programs in a global environment. With our 51 years’ experience and exceptional customer care, we prepare our students for a successful transition into high school and college.
Pathways Summer Scholars is a free two-week summer science day program for 100 rising tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade Yale Pathways to Science Students. Each summer, Pathways Summer Scholars will have the opportunity to select from a variety of STEM workshops collaboratively designed and taught by Yale faculty and graduate students. Summer 2016 includes all new topics and workshops, including but not limited to telescope observation, ecology and animal behavior, web development and coding, and tissue engineering. Current Yale undergraduates serve as teaching assistants and mentors in the program.
The Summer Institute for the Gifted is a program of the National Society for the Gifted and Talented (NSGT), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization created to honor and encourage gifted and talented children and youth. SIG at Yale University is a Residential Program with a day commuter and extended commuter option.
The C-HIT Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop provides select high school students with the opportunity to develop investigative and multi-media reporting skills in a unique workshop environment led by distinguished local and national journalists. Selected students spend a week on a university campus, learning the tools of investigative journalism by participating in workshops led by award-winning journalists; working on stories for publication; and spending a day visiting a local newsroom.
The Sutton Trust was founded in 1997 by Sir Peter Lampl to improve social mobility through education. As well as being a think-tank, the Sutton Trust is a ‘do-tank,’ having funded over 200 programmes, commissioned over 140 research studies and influenced Government education policy by pushing social mobility to the top of the political agenda.